Special Deals

We are already the best deal in town!  But if you introduce a new member your next two hours will be free.  Just ask them to mention your name when they sign up.
We can share access for other car club members.
If you are a member of another car club you can use your own smartcard to access our cars.
They still need to join E-cocars and specify whether they will be using their own card or will be needing a card sent to them.  We will only charge a £15 joining fee if you use your own card.

If they specify that they will use their own card then the system will issue them a PIN code which will be emailed to them with their first reservation. At the start time of the reservation the CBox will accept any card that is presented to it and will open the doors. However it will not enable ignition. The user will then have to enter the PIN number on the CBox unit itself. When the user enters the correct code then the unit will send a message to Autovera to say that this card can be assigned to that user. Simultaneously the ignition will be enabled.

On subsequent reservations the user will have the same experience as users who had cards assigned at application – there will be no PIN in the emails and no PIN to enter before starting the car.