High_St_no_vibrance_w_writing1.  The basics

You pay by the hour plus a set charge per mile, which which also covers fuel.  The smallest cars in our fleet, the Aygos, start at £3.25 per hour, or £25 a day.  A day in the E-cocars’ world starts at midnight and ends at 11:59pm the following night.

2.  Time

Hourly rates

  • Toyoto Aygo (Wilma) £3.25 per hour
  • Toyoto Aygo (Xena) £3.25 per hour
  • Toyoto Yaris Hybrid (Lydia) £3.75 per hourCars_at_station_no_vibrance_w_writing
  • Golf VW (Vera) £3.75 per hour
  • Seat Ibiza (Elvis) £3.75 per hour

Daily rates

  • Weekend rate FOR ANY CAR is £20 a day
  • Weekdays £25 per day (Wilma and Xena – the Aygos)
  • Weekdays £30 per day (Lydia, Vera & Elvis)

3. Mileage

  • The small cars are 18p/mileBridgetown_no_vibrance_w_writing
  • Larger cars 22p/mile
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a micro-computer that automatically records all data from the cars.
4. Membership
  • There is a one-off joining fee of £25.