How to join

Please read through this section.  At the end, click the email link.


1 Please note:




DO NOT LEAVE DIRT, LEAVES or PET HAIRS in the cars. Please treat the cars as you would your own – if we all do this, they will always be clean for you too.


2 Payments


You will have payment automatically taken from your designated payment card at the end of each booking. If you have any queries or disputes, please phone 07866680370 or e-mail [email protected] and we will deal with them promptly.


3 If you are ready to join, please e-mail e-cocars.


Include the following in your message:

1) A readable scan or photo of your UK Driving Licence Photocard, or foreign driving licence.

2) If you have a UK licence, a one-time Check Code which you can generate at, so we can check your licence status and history.

There is a £35 one-off joining fee. We will ask you for this when we have processed your application.

Here is the email link when you’re ready to join: [email protected]