How to join

Please read through this section.  At the end, click the JOIN NOW button to complete the online application form.  Be ready to choose your own password.  We give you a username, but, sadly, it’s generated by the system and will be a number!

Note: UK licence holders must now provide the access code provided by the DVLA so we can check your driving history. If you are over 21 and with 24 months driving experience please proceed.

1. Choose an account type

1a. Individual

  • £25 one-off joining fee per account
  • Each individual receives a smartcard and will be invoiced at the email address and payment collected from the account registered in that name.

1b. Household or Business

  • £25 one-off joining fee per account
  • Households or businesses should register as “joint account” where the first registered member will be the account holder.  The name and email address of the account owner will be charged each month for trips made, including any additional drivers on that account. Additional drivers must also register and their driving details will also be checked. Only drivers registered with E-cocars are insured to drive the cars.

2. Adding an additional driver

  • The additional driver must follow the registration process to provide licence and personal contact details but will be linked to the main account holder. Their username will be something like 1200-2.
  • The additional driver can make bookings with their username and password but only the main account smartcard will open the car.

3. How many smartcards will you need?

  • A group (household or business) will be issued with one smartcard to be used by all drivers.
  • We can also issue smartcards for each driver if required. There is a charge of £15 for a second or subsequent smartcards and each smartcard must be associated with a username and password.
  • A second smartcard will require all bookings to be made using the username and password of the additional driver.
  • One smartcard can be used for both business and personal trips. This will require the driver to secondarily register a separate account. Then the driver will use the appropriate username and password to book and will receive two emailed invoices.

4. Invoicing

All payments must be made within 14 days of receiving the emailed invoice.  At no time will E-cocars (or Letsgo, the Danish registration and booking software company that provides our booking engine) hold any of your financial details.

Once you are a member, every month you will receive a full invoice showing all the trips and charges made in that month.  The invoice is generated by Letsgo from all the trip data collected over the month.  Each trip will be itemised with the length of the booking and miles driven.

You have about ten days to query any items in the invoice before we will expect payment.  You will need to make a bank transfer of the £25 joining fee before receiving the smartcard which if you install a banking app to your phone or laptop makes the monthly payment very straightforward.

5. Your driving licence and history

The application system collects your personal data, driving licence information and driving history.  For UK drivers a new system is in operation by the DVLA to automate access to information about your recent driving record.  You will be asked to contact the DVLA on a free online Share Driving Licence service  Download the eight digit access code and send to [email protected]

5. What happens next?

After completing the application form you must make a bank transfer of £25 the one-off joining fee.

Once all the checks are made and the one-off joining fee of £25 has been collected, you will receive an email to confirm your membership.  A couple of days after that, you will receive your smartcard and a short handbook with pictures to help you to start using the cars.

If you get stuck at some point in the process, we’ll be happy to help you and we look forward to you becoming a member of E-cocars.

If you are ready to join, go to the application form.