How it works

log_in_7446Your booking – made from a PC, Mac or smartphone – is uploaded to a micro-computer (Cbox) in the vehicle. Your E-cocars smartcard gives you access to the car.  When held over the card reader in the corner of the windscreen, the smartcard identifies the member and the doors will unlock. It is not possible to open the car or start the engine without first making a booking and showing the correct smartcard.

Once you are in, locate the key (or the Power button in the Hybrid) and you’re off!  Simply return the car to it’s spot before the end of your booking.  If no one has booked the car after you, and you need more time, please use your smartphone to extend the booking.  After 6pm no-one will be able to take your call.

We are now partnered with Letsgo, based in Copenhagen, who provide us – and other car clubs across Denmark and Norway – with a registration and booking service.  E-cocars was the first car club in the UK to licence this telematic booking software.  The Cbox incorporates a SIM card to upload and receive data and uses software supported by Convadis in Switzerland.  This technology is widely used by commercial operators in larger cities in the UK and across Europe.