Consider this:

It costs approximately 50 pence a mile to drive a vehicle in Devon, which costs the average driver around £3,000 per year.

Add to that these approximate costs:

  • £150 a month to finance and/or purchase a vehicle,
  • £50+ per month to insure and tax it,
  • £50 to fill it with fuel, plus
  • £250 to maintain it.

That’s £250 at least per month without including depreciation, parking, and those little unexpected costs (that are often not so little!).

To compare, e-cocars members pay about £50-100 per month on average for everything they need!  The low rates cover the car, the parking, the insurance and the fuel.

So, with e-cocars, if you are driving less than 6,000 miles a year you will be saving pounds AND the environment by keeping more cars off the road.

e-cocars is…

Convenienta short walk to a car

Pick up something pre-loved (but big and heavy) from Refurnish.

Pick up something pre-loved (but big and heavy) from Refurnish.

We have a small fleet of e-cocars in Totnes, see the car models and where they are located here. The intention is to have one in every neighbourhood where an E-cocar would be welcomed.

Affordablecheaper than owning

With a car club the costs of insurance, maintenance, MOT and repairs are shared. According to the RAC, it costs in the region of £2,500 to £3,500 per year to own and run an average car.  e-cocars charge from £3.25 an hour for everything with mileage calculated from 18p/mile.

Reliablea car when you need it

All cars can be booked online and accessed with your own smartcard or phone. The car will be ready and waiting for you in its dedicated parking spot. We take care of maintenance, so all you have to do is drive.

As an e-cocars member you can consider and choose which form of transport is most convenient. There’s an obligation to use a car parked outside, rusting away gently, if you have paid for car purchase, insurance, MOT, repair bills and so on. If you haven’t (because e-cocars takes care of all of that), then you only have to use a car when you need one. The sun is shining – go by train, bus, walk or bike. Show others they can break the car buying habit too!

We believe that car sharing supports the goal of reducing our dependence on carbon fuels.