How to make a booking

Log in through this website with your username (number) and password.  A new screen will open showing the availability and proximity of vehicles to your IP address.  The mobile app shows the same list.

Here you can make a new reservation, edit reservations already made and leave or check for messages from E-cocars.  You will also access My Account here where you will set your preferences, view your account history and all personal data.

To make a reservation:

1. Set the start and end times and dates of you booking on the calendar then click Find a car.  Notice you can set a preference of proximity from home or other locations.

2. Click on Choose of the selected vehicle.

3. The next window shows Your reservation.  Use the Go back button to amend the booking and the cost will change.  Confirm the booking which can now be viewed in My reservations.

4. To cancel a booking at anytime up to within 3 hours, go to My Reservations and click on the dustbin.  If you cancel within the 3 hours of the start of your reservation you will be charged unless another member books the now available vehicle for the same time.  There is no cancellation charge for the hours after the first three hours of a booking if you cancel before it starts.  If you cancel during a booking the cancelled time is calculated and charged from the time you cancel.

5. When you reserve it, a New reservation confirmation shows the vehicle, time and dates.  An email confirmation is also sent to the email in the contact details.