How to start the cars

All cars have a laminated sheet with instructions, so please refer to it!


The short version:

The cars have designated parking spaces with clear signage on the vehicles.  Check you have the right vehicle!

Place your smartcard over the smartcard reader in the bottom corner of the windscreen on the driver’s side. Hold it there for a few seconds. It’s possible to operate the reader from inside the car, but you may not see the light flash. It will flash green if the car’s micro-computer recognises your booking, and the doors and boot will unlock.

Or use the app, which will take a few moments to contact the car via Bluetooth or the mobile phone network.

(Please note that the car will auto-logout a few minutes after stopping the engine, to help prevent theft. If it won’t start, log back in.)

You will find the ignition key in one of the nearby compartments (but not in the Yaris, which has a Power button instead of a key).To lock the car at any time during a booking and at the end, use the  smartcard or app and check the doors have locked. There should be five green flashes.  Don’t use the key to lock or unlock the car, only to start and stop the engine! Always leave the key inside the car at all times. When leaving the car unattended, put the key away where you found it.

All of the cars in the e-cocars fleet are unleaded fuel efficient vehicles. The cars are simple to drive with manual gearboxes except the Toyota Yaris Hybrid which is an automatic.

Special features of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid (Lydia)

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is an automatic.  It does not have an ignition key to start and has a Power button instead.

Ensure the car is in Park mode (P) and press on the brake pedal before pushing the Power button. The dashboard will light up but there may be no engine noise. Drive in Drive (D), Reverse (R) or Engine Braking (B) modes. Mode B is useful for going down steep hills or at other times when you want the car to be in a low gear. Stop whilst driving (e.g. at junctions) using Neutral (N).

Rest your left foot away from the pedals and use only your right for both the accelerator and brake. Beware using both feet at once – do not forget there is no clutch pedal!

Special features of the VW Golf Bluemotion (Vera)

There is no handbrake lever, just a small button next to the central cup holder between the front seats. If set to AUTO STOP you will not need to do anything – the car will apply and release the handbrake itself.

If you want to use it manually, apply the foot brake and flick down the parking button. At the lights you can shift into neutral and press down on the parking button to wait until you can move off.