How to start the cars

The cars have designated parking spaces with clear signage on the vehicles.  Check you have the right vehicle!

  • Place your smartcard over the yellow smartcard reader in the bottom right corner of the windscreen.
  • Only hold it there for a few seconds.  You might see the small LED change from red to green.  This is showing that the car’s micro-computer recognises your smartcard and that there is a booking for this card.  Note: If you arrive earlier by a few minutes the card will be rejected.  You cannot take the car early.
  • You may hear the car doors unlock as the card is recognised.  You will find the ignition key in one of the nearby compartments, it will be marked if not obvious.
  • To lock the car at anytime during and at the end of a booking show your card to the reader and check the doors have locked.  Don’t use the key to lock or unlock the car, always use the smartcard!
  • All of the cars in the E-cocars fleet are unleaded fuel efficient vehicles. The cars are simple to drive with manual gearboxes except the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

To start the Toyota Yaris Hybrid (Lydia)

hybrid_power_buttonThe Toyota Yaris Hybrid is an automatic.  It does not have an ignition key to start and has a Power button instead.  Note: There is a key fob which must stay in the car or the remote Toyota security sensor will auto-lock the vehicle.

  • Press hard on the brake pedal before pushing the Power button. The dashboard lights-up and if you are in R reverse the rear camera will show you what is behind.  Shift the gear stick from P parking to R reverse or D drive forward.
  • hybrid_dashThe car will not move until you see the green Ready on the panel before you.
  • Slide your foot off the brake pedal and press gently on the accelerator. The car moves off smoothly and silently.
  • If you have not started the vehicle within a few minutes you may need to login with your smartcard again.  This is an automatic function to ensure the car can only be driven with the correct booking and smartcard.
  • After the start in R reverse shift to D drive and move off only using the accelerator pedal.  Beware using both feet at once, applying the brake while still using the accelerator slams on the brakes!

To start the VW Golf Bluemotion (Vera)

  • NO HANDBRAKE!…… Get used to the parking brake control in the car park. There is no handbrake lever just a small button next to the central cup holder storage space between the front seats.
  • To move-off put your foot firmly on the foot brake and flick down the parking button, the light goes out. Slowly accelerate and the car moves forward as you would normally.
  • At the lights you can shift into neutral and press down on the parking button to wait until you can move-off. Repeat the same procedure to move forward.

All cars will have a laminated sheet with simplied instructions and a handbook for recording accidents or the state of the vehicle.