We are a co-op!

Building on an old idea in which we combine our skills and invest together to provide what we need, e-cocars grew out of the first rural pilot car club in the UK.  e-cocars’ founder, Jeremy Farr, started Moorcar in Ashburton, Devon, in 2002 with a group of like-minded residents.

e-cocars is Moorcar’s telematic (more high tech) sister company, also operated and managed by Ashburton Co-operative Transport.

The objects for which the Co‑operative is established are:

(a) To support, operate and deliver car share clubs and related services;

(b) To support and deliver other sustainable transport activities;

(c) To foster and support the principles and concept of co-operation in its own affairs and in industry and commerce generally, to support the Co-operative Movement, and to educate it’s Members in co-operative principles and management practices.

Co-operatives are a flexible business model. They can be set up in different ways, using different legal structures, depending on what works for the members. e-cocars’ affiliate, Moorcar, helps other communities to set up their own car clubs.

The idea behind e-cocars is really simple: share access to a car and use one only when you need to.

Ashburton Co-operative Transport is a Member’s Co-operative IPS nos. 29415R.  The head office and registered address is at 62 Westabrook, Ashburton TQ13 7QT.